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The Political Philosophy of G.A. Cohen (London: Bloomsbury Academic, 2015)

Podcast (New Books Network)

Reviews: Phil.Q (Kyle Johannsen), MPRB (Jonathan Wolff)

Edited volume

‘Exploitation and the social economy’ (with Ben Ferguson and Roberto Veneziani)
Review of Social Economy 77 (2019): 91-93

Peer-reviewed papers

‘Socialism Unrevised: A Reply to John Roemer on Marx, Exploitation, Solidarity, Worker Control’
Philosophy & Public Affairs 49 (2021)

‘Free Productive Agency: Reasons, Recognition, Socialism’
Philosophical Topics 47 (2020)

‘Public Ownership, Worker Control, and the Labour Epistocracy Problem’
Review of Social Economy 78 (2020)

‘Structural Domination and Collective Agency in the Market’
Journal of Applied Philosophy 37 (2020)

‘How Exploiters Dominate’
Review of Social Economy 77 (2019): 1-28
(draft) (final)

‘Workplace Democracy implies Economic Democracy’
Journal of Social Philosophy 50 (2019): 259-279
(draft) (final)

‘Erfurt plus Councils: The Distinctive Relevance of the German Revolution of 1918-19’
Socialist History 55 (2019): 27-46
(draft) (final)

‘Revolutionary Principles and Strategy in the November Revolution: The Case of the USPD’
The German Revolution and Political Theory. Kets, G. and J. Muldoon (eds.). Palgrave Macmillan (2019): 113-34
(draft) (final)

‘Capital without Wage-Labour: Marx’s Modes of Subsumption Revisited’
Economics & Philosophy 34 (2018): 411-438
(draft) (final)

‘Council Democracy and the Socialization Dilemma’
Council Democracy: Towards a Democratic Socialist Politics. Muldoon, J. (ed.). Routledge (2018): 89-107
(draft) (final)

‘Exploitation: A Primer’
Philosophy Compass 13 (2018)
(draft) (final)

‘Exploitation as Domination: A response to Arneson’
Southern Journal of Philosophy 54 (2016): 527-38
(draft) (final)

‘Analytical Marxism’
Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Politics. Thompson, W.R. (ed.), Oxford University Press (2016)

‘Imperialism, Globalization, and Resistance’
Global Justice: Theory, Practice, Rhetoric 9 (2016): 69-92
(draft) (final)

‘Integenerational Justice: A Primer’
Institutions for Future Generations, Gosseries, A. & I. Gonzalez (eds.), Oxford University Press (2016): 49-64
(draft) (final)

‘Analytical Marxism’ (with Philippe Van Parijs)
International Encyclopedia of Social and Behavioural Sciences, James Wright (ed.), 2nd ed., vol. I (2015): 665-7

‘Gosseries on Intergenerational Savings’
Diacritica 16 (2014): 301-6
(draft) (final)

‘G. A. Cohen on Exploitation’
Politics, Philosophy and Economics  13 (2014): 151-164

‘Exploitation, Vulnerability, and Social Domination’
Philosophy and Public Affairs 41 (2013): 131-157
(draft) (final)

‘Smuggled into Existence’
Ethical Theory and Moral Practice 16 (2013): 598-604
(draft) (final)

‘Jazz Bands, Camping Trips, and Decommodification: G. A. Cohen on Community’
Socialist Studies 8 (2012): 141-163
(draft) (final)

‘Lamentation in the Face of Historical Necessity’
Arguing about Justice: Essays for Phillippe Van Parijs, A. Gosseries & Y. Vanderborght (eds. 2011): 367-376
(draft) (final)

‘Libertarian Socialism’
Social Theory and Practice 37 (2011): 211-226
(draft) (final)

‘Responsibilities to Posterity’
Theoretical and Applied Ethics 1 (2011): 48-50

‘G. A. Cohen on Socialism’
Journal of Ethics 14 (2010): 185-216
(draft) (final)

‘Against the Will Theory of Rights’
Res Publica 16 (2010): 415-423
(draft) (final)


‘Public Ownership and the Socialisation of Production in the German Revolution of 1918-19’
Renewal: A Journal of Social Democracy 26 (2019)
(draft) (final)

Book reviews

‘Review of Screpanti, Labour and Value
Erasmus Journal for Philosophy & Economics 13 (2020)

‘Review of Sensat, The Logic of Estrangement
Economics & Philosophy 34 (2018): 282-289
(draft) (final)

‘Revolution, State, Workers’ Control: Besancenot, Miéville, and Medhurst on October’
Capital & Class 42 (2018): 353-59
(draft) (final)

‘Review of Thomas, Republic of Equals
Philosophical Review 128 (2018): 125-30
(draft) (final)

‘Freedom and Republicanism in Roberts’ Marx’s Inferno
Capital & Class 41 (2017): 378-83
(draft) (final)

‘Piketty’s Grandchildren’
Capital & Class 39 (2015): 155-60
(draft) (final)