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The Political Philosophy of G. A. Cohen (London: Bloomsbury Academic, 2015)

Podcast (New Books Network)

Reviews: Phil.Q (Kyle Johannsen), MPRB (Jonathan Wolff)

Peer-reviewed papers

‘Capital without Wage-Labour: Marx’s Modes of Subsumption Revisited’
Economics & Philosophy 34 (2018)
(draft) (final)

‘Council Communism and the Socialization Dilemma’
Council Democracy: Theorising Boundaries between the Political and the Economic. Muldoon, J. (ed.). Routledge (2018, forthcoming)

‘Exploitation: A Primer’
Philosophy Compass 13 (2018)
(draft) (final)

‘Exploitation as Domination: A response to Arneson’
Southern Journal of Philosophy 54 (2016): 527-38
(draft) (final)

‘Analytical Marxism’
Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Politics. Thompson, W.R. (ed.), Oxford University Press (2016)

‘Imperialism, Globalization, and Resistance’, special issue of
Global Justice: Theory, Practice, Rhetoric 9 (2016): 69-92
(draft) (final)

‘Integenerational Justice: A Primer’
Institutions for Future Generations, Gosseries, A. & I. Gonzalez (eds.), Oxford University Press (2016): 49-64
(draft) (final)

‘Analytical Marxism’ (with Philippe Van Parijs)
International Encyclopedia of Social and Behavioural Sciences, James Wright (ed.), 2nd ed., vol. I (2015): 665-7

‘Gosseries on Intergenerational Savings’
Diacritica 16 (2014): 301-6
(draft) (final)

‘G. A. Cohen on Exploitation’
Politics, Philosophy and Economics  13 (2014): 151-164

‘Exploitation, Vulnerability, and Social Domination’
Philosophy and Public Affairs 41 (2013): 131-157
(draft) (final)

‘Smuggled into Existence’
Ethical Theory and Moral Practice 16 (2013): 598-604
(draft) (final)

‘Jazz Bands, Camping Trips, and Decommodification: G. A. Cohen on Community’
Socialist Studies 8 (2012): 141-163
(draft) (final)

‘Lamentation in the Face of Historical Necessity’
Arguing about Justice: Essays for Phillippe Van Parijs, A. Gosseries & Y. Vanderborght (eds. 2011): 367-376
(draft) (final)

‘Libertarian Socialism’
Social Theory and Practice 37 (2011): 211-226
(draft) (final)

‘Responsibilities to Posterity’
Theoretical and Applied Ethics 1 (2011): 48-50

‘G. A. Cohen on Socialism’
Journal of Ethics 14 (2010): 185-216
(draft) (final)

‘Against the Will Theory of Rights’
Res Publica 16 (2010): 415-423
(draft) (final)

Book reviews

‘Review of Sensat, The Logic of Estrangement
Economics & Philosophy 34 (2018): 282-289
(draft) (final)

‘Revolution, State, Workers’ Control: Besancenot, Miéville, and Medhurst on October’
Capital & Class 42 (2018): 353-59
(draft) (final)

‘Review of Thomas, Republic of Equals
Philosophical Review 128 (2018): 125-30
(draft) (final)

‘Freedom and Republicanism in Roberts’ Marx’s Inferno
Capital & Class 41 (2017): 378-83
(draft) (final)

‘Piketty’s Grandchildren’
Capital & Class 39 (2015): 155-60
(draft) (final)